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La Vienísima announces the FOURTH FEMINIST PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST PERSPEKTIV_A on the occasion of International Women's Day. An initiative that arises with the aim of giving visibility to women artists and photographers, promoting the achievement of a more just and egalitarian society, promoting feminist movements and stimulating the creativity of participating women.

Why only Women? Because although at the international level we find a high number of active professional female photographers and it is a group with high education, training and specialization, there is an evident imbalance in visibility, as well as in access to the mechanisms of distribution, legitimation and commercialization of the artwork compared to male artists.


Why “Women and Affective-Sexual and Identity Diversity (LBTQ+)”? The invisibility of LBTQ+ women is a phenomenon that manifests itself in the LGBTIQ+ community and society in general. It is a form of discrimination that makes invisible the identities and experiences of lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex women. The visibility of LBTQ+ women is essential to recognize their fight for equality and non-discrimination. When LBTQ+ women are visible, it breaks stereotypes and raises awareness about the inequalities they face. This can help change attitudes and policies and create a fairer world for all people. There are many ways to give visibility to LBTQ+ women. One way is to tell their stories. The stories of LBTQ+ women can help, raise awareness and educate other people about their affective-sexual and identity experiences. At La Vienísima we understand that photography is a powerful tool to make the stories of LBTQ+ women visible. A magnificent tool to help break gender stereotypes, give a voice to women in the community, show the richness of diversity, recognize the complexity of the experiences of LBTQ+ women and challenge dominant narratives.





1. La Vienísima convenes the Fourth Feminist Photography Contest PERSPEKTIV_A that will reward the photographs that best make visible the reality of women in different socio-cultural environments. All kinds of creative approaches and all kinds of points of view will be especially valued. For this year 2024, the theme of the contest will be WOMEN AND AFFECTIVE-SEXUAL  AND IDENTITY DIVERSITY (LBTQ+) and it will seek to show images in which the protagonism falls on this subject, of any kind, in any state, anywhere, but always showing this reality or realities.


2. The work must be original and unpublished. It must not have been awarded or be pending resolution in other competitions, contests or calls. Participants also guarantee the authorship and originality of the photographs presented, as well as the absence of third party rights over them, being responsible for any claims that may be made in this regard.


1. Any WOMAN, may participate, of any nationality, who, at the closing date of the period of admission of artworks, is 16 years old or over.


2. All WOMEN are eligible, whether professional or amateur, to participate in this photographic contest, provided that their photographs conform with the regulations thereof.  


3. The presentation must be individual. Collaborative or collective works will not be admitted. Each participant may present a maximum of two (2) photographs, and will do so nominally –not with a pseudonym-. In the case of sending more photographs, only the first two will be accepted. 


1. To avoid shipping costs, participants must send the work(s) through the form provided in the following link:






a. The photographs must respect the following requirements: They must be JPG files. They must have a minimum resolution of 1.024 x 1.024 píxels. Photographs must be in 1:1 or SQUARE format. The file size must not exceed a maximum of 3 Megabytes (Mb).


b. The photographs must be taken with a digital camera or any other type of mobile device that guarantees the minimum resolution requested in these bases.


c. Cropping the photographs is allowed, as well as the retouching of them when it is to apply global filters that improve their quality (brightness, contrast...). The use of HDR is also allowed. Generative fill is not allowed, nor are photographs partially or completely generated by Artificial Intelligence.


Participating WOMEN who do not include this information may be excluded from the contest.


The organization will protect the authorship of the works, guaranteeing the transparency of the deliberation process. Any questions or incidents in the participation process will be addressed through the email:


The creativity and innovation of the technique used and the way in which the message is transmitted will also be valued. The title of the photographs will also be valued under these criteria.


The deadline will be Saturday, March 9th, 2024 until 23:59 austrian time.


The contest will have two types of jury:


1. PROFESSIONAL JURY:  Once the photographs have been received, they will be evaluated by a jury formed by people of recognized prestige in the field of arts, culture, photography, LBTQ+ activismgender perspective and feminist movements. Its composition will be communicated once the deadline for submitting applications is closed. The jury will be responsible for the  interpretation of these RULES, as well as the elevation to La Vienísima of the proposal to award of the best photograph. The prize may be declared void in the event that the number of photographs submitted is not sufficient or when the jury considers that none of them meet the requirements. The decision of the jury is final.


2. PUBLIC JURY: After the deadline, the works will be publicly exhibited (with full name and country of origin) on the website and social networks of La Vienísima. The works with more "likes" and "positive" interactions will have a special mention by the organization. La Vienísima is not responsible for the possible censorship of the participating works on social networks (Facebook / Instagram) during the exhibition and public assessment process. Photographs that due to their content may be considered to violate current legislation will not be published. If any type of manipulation or alteration of the public vote is detected (bots, fake accounts...), the organization may enable another alternative voting system and/or invalidate said vote, canceling the respective award for this category.


1. According to the evaluation made by the professional jury, the best PHOTOGRAPH will be selected, which will be endowed with the amount of 350 euros and diploma.


2. The PHOTOGRAPH that popularly achieves the greatest impact will be endowed with 50 euros and diploma.


3. The organization will award a maximum of three special mentions consisting of a diploma. 


4. In no case may the prize be awarded to two ex aequo works, that is to say, there will be no possibility of a draw and to award the prize to two contestants because it is estimated that the two works are of equal quality.


5. The prize amounts will be paid by bank transfer or via PayPal. The diplomas will be sent in digital format. The winners will be notified of their status as winners through the email address provided for communication purposes.


6. The winners of the prizes must answer the message received accepting each prize. If no response is received within five calendar days of sending the email or if the email address is erroneous or nonexistent, the prizes will automatically go to the next photograph selected by the juries.


1. Participants authorize the reproduction, distribution and public communication of the images presented, as well as their adaptation to the necessary support for the purpose of their communication. These images will become part of the La Vienísima archive, which can only be used for informative and non-profit purposes. This authorization does not imply exclusivity towards La Vienísima and the author may make use of his images at his discretion. In the event that La Vienísima uses any image in acts of public communication, it will always mention the name of its author.


2. The authors selected according to the previous paragraph authorize and assign to La Vienísima  the necessary rights to disseminate the images through their social networks and other platforms. The authors will not accrue any financial compensation for this concept.


3. La Vienísima reserves the right to organize a physical exhibition of the best photographs, if during the course of this contest and before the jury's decision, the availability of a cultural space in Vienna that promotes culture, feminist movements, diversity and the equality.


1. La Vienísima will publish the resolution of the awards within a period of 15-20 calendar days from the end of the participation period. It will be published through its social networks.


2. The awarding of the prize will also be communicated personally to the winners at the email they have designated for this purpose.


1. The presentation to this contest does not generate any right to its participants until the prize has been awarded by resolution of La Vienísima.


2. La Vienísima reserves the right to declare the prize deserted in any case.


3. Participation in this contest, by sending the documentation to aspire for the awards, implies knowledge and acceptance of the RULES of this call; the acceptance of the decisions of La Vienísima regarding it; the author's commitment to not to withdraw the work before the jury's decision is known; accept the prize if it was granted, or reintegrate it if the requirements established in the call are not fulfilled, as well as subscribe as many documents as are necessary for the fulfillment of these RULES.


1. In accordance with the provisions of the European Union regulations on data protection, La Vienísima informs the participants, and they give their consent for the personal data they provide, to be incorporated into a file owned by each of them with the following purposes: I) Their participation in the contest in accordance with its terms and conditions; II) The management and delivery of the prize in the event that it was awarded. 

2. On the other hand, the participants authorize with their participation in this contest, that La Vienísima may publish their name, surname and image on its social networks and in any other medium, for informational purposes.


3. Participants will respond, in any case, that the personal data provided to La Vienísima on the occasion of this promotion are truthful and they are responsible for communicating to the organization any changes in them.


4. Participants may at any time oppose the processing of their data for sending communications, news and activities of La Vienísima. They may also record the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by contacting La Vienísima through the email:, with the reference "Data protection"


1. La Vienísima reserves the right to discard and exclude any participant from the contest, if any of the following circumstances occur:


  • When they sign up with fake data. For this purpose, participants may be required to verify their data.


  • When in any way, fraudulent or artificial, manipulate their participation in the contest.

  • When Artificial Intelligence is used (partially or entirely).

  • When the jury considers that the work does not fit the theme convened; contain elements that in any way can be considered contrary to fundamental rights and public liberties; induce, incite or promote hatred, criminal, denigrative, discriminatory, violent actions, in general, contrary to law or public order; are protected by any intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to third parties, without the participant having previously obtained the necessary authorization from their owners; violate the right to honor, personal and family privacy or the image of people; they may constitute advertising or that incorporate elements that may damage the normal functioning of the network, system or computer equipment.


  • When these RULES are breached in any way.


1. La Vienísima is exempted, not being responsible for the non-compliance of the participants in the field of intellectual, industrial or image property, as well as any responsibility that could derive from the breach or defective fulfillment by the participants in the contest of the present RULES.



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